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Hey, I'm Brittany, daughter of Hermes.
This is my monster-free blog dedicated to demigods and legacies everywhere. Thanks to a team of hardworking demigods here at Camp Half-Blood, this blog is protected from the magic of Tartarus. When I say it's monster free, I really mean it. So browse around, submit your favorite demigod moment, or just say hi. I'll be here! :D
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Whenever I listen to ADELE’s Skyfall, I don’t think James Bond. I think Percabeth.


Art by Burdge

Colored by me

what a hot scene burdge


a really bad guide to percy jackson by me

art used by viria [x]

Okay, I don’t usually do this sort of thing…

But, what the hey, it’s for a friend of mine. :)

Fellow bookworms, ASSEMBLE! Check out this awesome website where bookworms from across the globe can chat about their favorite books and hang out with fellow bookworms. A friend of mine has recently started this up, and both she and I would greatly appreciate it if you checked it out. Just go to onemorechapter.prophpbb.com. Thanks!

Here’s how it works.

This forum is a place for bookworms. The phrase “Fellow bookworms, assemble!” is not just another catch phrase. It is a calling to all those who love to read. It beckons them to unite against the common good: being sociable. So turn on your iPod, grab your favorite book, curl up in your reading corner and give this forum a try.

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request by th-aluke

Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief


The Lost Hero trio {x} art by: juliajm15

A hero will never give in (x)

Ah, the fluffy happy family feels!




I‘m Lea Valdez, bad girl supreme. And all the boys love a bad girl”

{ art by viria }

I used to think I was straight

i’d still have a crush on /her/




if you’re ever feeling lazy just remember that the ancient greeks believed their gods lived on top of a very climbable hill but no one even bothered to check

Did you really just call Mount Olympus a hill?

sorry. BIG hill





“Look, I didn’t want to be a sausage”

“Don’t I get a sausage for good luck? It’s kind of a tradition right?”

“I don’t want you to be roman. I want you to be sausage.”

“Sausages just aren’t real to me until I’m staring one in the face.”

“The real world is where the sausages are.”

“You sausage when you sleep”


i just i’m really excited


You’ll not find a place among your brethen (x)


so many feels, so many feels.